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      Here, some nine or ten days after Greenleaf's flight, Hilary Kincaid, in uniform at last, was one of two evening visitors, the other being Mandeville. In the meantime our lover of nonsense had received a "hard jolt." So he admitted in a letter to his friend, boasting, however, that it was unattended by any "internal injury." In the circuit of a single week, happening to be thrown daily and busily into "her" society, "the harpoon had struck."

      "Ladies and gentlemen and comrades in arms!" began Hilary and threw a superb look all round, but the instant he brought it back to Anna, it quailed, and he caught his breath. Then he nerved up again. To help his courage and her own she forced herself to gaze straight into his eyes, but reading the affright in hers he stood dumb and turned red.

      I am very glad you are pleased, said Lilias. We want you to be very happy while you are here, and I hope you will be, Miss Chetwynde.Im glad he likes me, she said, simply.

      "Oh, what--what? Not lost? Not--not stolen?"

      Eat, and try and look a little more cheerful, he said. If she should wake and see that face of yours as it looks now, shed think it was a ghost, and get scared.

      The doctor shook him off almost roughly.

      Esmeralda laughed slightly.



      The woman inclined her head.The woman shook her head.


      Certainly not, my lady, he said. We will put it down. If at any time your ladyship should want anything, we shall be happy to send one of our young men down to Deepdale.